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ATR Performance Dampers are a high quality all Aluminium Gas Pressurised Adjustable damper designed for fast road or competition vehicles. Each Damper is custom built to the precise requirements of the vehicle it will be used in, giving excellent performance over extended intense periods of use. Hand built and multispeed dyno tested to ensure consistent quality.

All ATR performance Dampers are manufactured and Produced exclusively in England, designed and developed over 2 years to be easy to install and fully rebuild able.

Each ATR Performance Damper can be valved to suit a range of spring rates or matched to customer requirements.


  • 38mm Piston
  • 14mm Induction hardened piston rod
  • Aircraft quality high tensile outer tube
  • High quality 15mm SPH bearings ( sleeved to suit customer requirements)
  • Anodised
  • Suits 1.9 or 2.25" i/d springs
  • 24 position adjustment via a rotating adjustment knob on the top of the unit.
  • High temp single lip seals with wiper
  • High performance race spec oil (less fade over a wide range of temp)
  • available in many lengths


  • Quicker Value Response time giving superior performance
  • Lighter due to aluminium single tube construction
  • Consistent performance over a large range of temperatures
  • Cooler Operating temperature
  • Can be run upside down saving un-sprung weight
  • Precise adjustments
  • Lower tyre temp and less tyre degradation

Any length 10" - 24" can be produced.